My List Before 30

There are many things that I want to do, accomplish, achieve, create, & see in my life before I turn 30 (July 31st 2028).

Here is my Life’s To Do List Before I Turn 30!

Travel / Adventure

1. Go sky diving

2. Travel out of the continental United States

3. Get a passport

4. Road trip in Italy

5. Step foot on every continent

6. Horseback ride on the beach

7. Witness hatching baby sea turtles

8.Go to a winery in California

9.See the Northern Lights

10.Visit all 50 US States (15/50)

11. See a meteror shower

12. Go cage diving with sharks


13. Get my own golden retriever

14. Have kids (not yet!!)

15. Graduate Clemson

16. Get a tattoo

17. Purchase my own car

18. Adopt a dog from the pound

19. Buy a house and turn it into the perfect Pinterest house

20. Marry the love of my life and have my dream wedding


21. Paint & craft more often

22. Improve my wine and whiskey knowledge

23. Learn sign language


24. Figure out what I want to do with my life

25. Find a job and LOVE it, and be successful

26. Wend up creating my own business

Blog / Social Media

27. Get 1000 page views on this blog in the time span of a month (Reached this April 22nd 2017!!) ⇒ New goal: 1000 page views in a day

28. Be active on this blog


29. Run an entire 5k & 10k

30. Start a workout routine and stick to it