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 Welcome to SierraSays! I’m Sierra!

I’m Sierra, the founder and author of SierraSays. I am your everyday college student, attending Clemson University (go tigers!). My heart lies in my home town of Charleston, SC.

SierraSays is my outlet; my go to place to talk about my life, what I know, what I believe in, and any and all advice I can give to other women who are around my age of the “twenty somethings” era. I started blogging April 17th 2017, and I have every intention to write about, just about everything!

I was inspired to create a blog with my passion to write. I am very passionate about life and making it better for the people around me, and the viewers of my blog! I am young, and still have a lot to learn but as my blog grows, I want to grow with it! I have many ideas that I intend to pour my heart and soul into, sticking around lifestyle posts. I plan to post on the topics of college advice, talk about relationships, DIY, self improvement/growth, my own life, and whatever comes across my mind!

I have many different passions, so similar to my random life and unique personality, this blog will be a whole-lot-of-whatever pops into my mind that I feel like writing about. I have many thoughts bouncing around in my mind, so I am using this blog to throw it all down on paper (or technically the key board)!

In this blog, and in my life I still have a lot to learn, a lot of space left to grow! Join me in this new journey!



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