A Dedicated Year: Goals for 2018 & How to Achieve Yours

“New Year, New Me” only lasts for so long. Resolutions only last in 8% of people, but if you work on a goal rather than just a resolution, it might stick and make you achieve your goals. 

Here are my thoughts on New Years resolutions. People who make resolutions don’t tend to follow them. I can speak on that because as long as I can remember I have made a resolution at the start of every new year and it has fell through, every time. 2017’s resolution was to work out 3-5x a week and not eat fast food all year. I made it to the beginning of February… I realized that there is a difference in making a “resolution” and making a goal.

Resolutions tend to just be ideas of what someone wants to accomplish because it is the new year. Yes, the new year is a good opportunity to restart and refresh but that feeling of wanting to refresh tends to die after a month or so, and for some people, its only a few days and it dies off into the never-thought-of-again black hole. According to Forbes magazine, only 8% of people stick with their resolution for the new year.

I was thinking about this and wondering why the 92% of people who make resolutions do not end up following through with them. After some thought, I came to the idea that people seem to make general and basic ideas or wants. “I want to lose weight” or “I want to save money” or “I want to travel more.”

Okay, but HOW? If you really want something you need to make it a GOAL and turn it into a project. How are you going to lose the weight, save the money, or travel? What are the steps you need to do, what is it going to take? Making a goal to do something, see something, or accomplish something, becomes different than just a “new year’s resolution.” Speak it into existence and make it happen. Tell yourself you WILL lose weight, you WILL save money.

All of this could just be a bunch of bull because this is coming from the person (me) who has told themselves they are going to work out and be healthy and fit every other couple weeks or so, follows through with it for a couple days, and then gives up. So maybe I am not the best to look up to or listen to, but I can feel it in my heart that what I am telling you is true. If you make a goal to be better, figure out the steps to make it happen, and take it day by day; you will accomplish your wants and desires.

Make your 2018 better by bettering yourself and setting goals, make them quantifiable, and stick with it. Write it down, publish it online, make a vision board, print it out and put it on your bathroom mirror.

Make it happen.

This year I have GOALS. Goals to be better, goals to better myself, goals to improve in different aspects of my life. I am writing my goals and making them public to hold myself accountable. If all 1-15 of you who look at my blog a day (even though I have not posted since August) read my goals, then it makes me feel more required to complete them to the best of my ability. I decided to take different aspects of my life and make a list of what or where I want to improve and what I want to accomplish.

This year I decided to pick a word to use to attack my year’s goals and ambitions. DedicationRead about picking one word for your year: here. The “One Word” project talks about instead of having a long list of wants for the year, wrap up all of your changes, goals, ambitions, etc into one word. I am doing a combination of both. Instead of making simple resolutions this year that I know I would not follow through with, I decided to make quantitative goals and specifics on how I am going to achieve them. I am using the word “dedication” to make me strive to be better in different aspects and to work hard to achieve my goals. I am a person who needs to see things written down or drawn out for them to engrave into my head, which is why I am making my list of what I want to work on, where I want to go, what I want to accomplish in the different places of my life.

Make your goals attainable. Set certain deadlines for yourself. Be able to measure your progress / make your goals quantifiable.

Set reminders, make your goals a daily or weekly priority and put them into your routines. Tell yourself you will do what you want to do. Speak it into existence.

Below is my long list of my goals for 2018 and how I am going to reach them with dedication.


I only have four years at Clemson and I will try my hardest to do well in school. In order to attack my academic goals I will be dedicated to try my hardest, study more often, avoid procrastination, and do well.
Main goal: Make a 3.50 GPA

Get a high GPA (3.50+) spring and fall
          Review material learned and discussed after every class period
          Study for exams and quizzes well ahead of time, not just one or two days before
          Complete assignments as soon as possible when they are given

Do NOT procrastinate & do NOT waste time
          Don’t make to-do lists, pointless charts, or filling out planner for no reason
          Study in timed increments – 20 min on 10 min off 

Make relationships with professors
          Introduce myself after the first class
          Visit and take advantage of office hours (it is free private help and instruction)

Get Involved 
         Join / Apply for Organizations (Career Ambassador Program, Chair Boards, Team Leader, Committees)
          Phi Alpha Delta Treasury Position – be attentive, make it a priority 
          Get on the executive board for the Equestrian team

Get a blue ribbon at a CUET show
          Try my hardest at lessons and focus

Use Planner 
          Stay organized and use planner every day
          Do daily “Top 3” goals of the day


If you know me, you know I spend a ridiculous amount of money that I do not have. This year I have trips lined up that I need to save money for, a dog that I need to pay for, and I am in college. I will be dedicated to save my money and do better so I can afford life. I also will be dedicated for my future career by getting a part time job in my field of study to build my resume, make money, and potentially get a summer internship.
Main goal: Get a job and save money 

Do not spend money on unnecessary things
          Take monthly budget out in CASH
          Record what I purchase
          Limit going out to eat 

Put away $50-$100 a month to save

Get a job ASAP once in Clemson
          Print resumes, email department heads, visit local companies
          Make a cover letter

Build resume for potential summer internships
          Get involved with school, get a job, network around


It is important to me to be a good friend and a good girlfriend. I have noticed that I have been selfish, I have looked into the future and not cared about what was going on around me, and looked only from my perspective of things. In order to fix these things and be better I will be dedicated for my friends and boyfriend.
Main goal: Be a better person

Be kind, be generous, and give thanks
          Smile at people & compliment more often
          Do more things for others without needing recognition or something in return

          Do not think too far into the future
          Pay attention, get off the phone

Be a good girlfriend 
         Look at Teddy’s side when we are in an argument
         Do not over react, breathe, and do not speak without thinking


There are different aspects I want to take control over in my life and in order to do that I will be dedicated to stick to my goals.
Main goal: Read more and limit technology

Limit use of technology
          Cut social media use down 
          Have one hour a day of tech-free time
          No cellphone 1 hour before bed

Wake up at the same time every weekday (Mot-Thurs)

Make bed everyday 

Be present 
          Plan week/current month not future months/years
          Be happy with where I am

Read 30+ minutes a day
         Do this during my 1-hour-tech-free time


It is important to take care of yourself. I will be dedicated to myself to make myself happier, healthier, and better.
Main goal: Be good to myself

Do not complain so much
         Instead of saying what is negative about a situation say what is positive

Speak kindly, smile more and curse less

Work on skin care
         Wash face 2x a day
         Exfoliate & face mask 2x a week

Make a Sunday self care routine

Listen to more music
          Listen to happy upbeat music 
          Dance more

Read 12 books

Be confident in myself 


Bettering my life in other positive aspects will make me feel more motivated and will help my health in general. I will be a more mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy person. I will be dedicated for Millie (my dog) to keep her happy and healthy, I will be dedicated for myself to be better.
Main goal: Walk Millie 4x a week

Focus on what I eat/drink
          No need for a specific diet or restriction, but focus on whole foods not processed

4 walks per week with Millie

Take vitamins every morning

Stretch/yoga every morning or night 


In order for myself to travel and experience new things, I will be dedicated to want to do it. I will save up X amount of dollars for both my New York trip and my study abroad trip. I will be dedicated to want to travel and dedicated in saving money, time, planning, effort, etc for my trips and experiences. 
Main goal: Make plans of travel and experience and follow through with them

New York City with Emily and MH
          Flight is booked! Just need to save up the rest of the money needed

Italy and England 
          Figure out a way to come up with enough money to study abroad in May 

Belize with Teddy’s family? 

Go skydiving this year
          Research different places or figure it out with Clemson’s Skydiving Club

It’s not a “new year new me” kind of thing. Its a fresh start to make myself better with GOALS. I believe in myself and I will accomplish my goals. Tell yourself you can do something and you will do it.

What are your goals?

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  1. I really like how you listed out your goals, being very precise!! You have inspired me to think about what I would like to accomplish and how to list them in attainable steps!

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