Life Lessons My Relationship Has Taught Me

When you’re with the right person, your entire life will change for the better. You become a better person and you grow. You learn more about life and more about yourself as time goes on. My relationship has taught me many lessons that have been beneficial to life and they can be towards yours as well.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Every person who comes into your life teaches you some sort of lesson, good or bad.

Think about it! Have you ever had a person hurt you, betray you, or leave you? No matter the bad circumstance that might’ve happened to you, you probably are better now because of it. You learned a lesson; maybe you shouldn’t trust so willingly, or get angry so quickly. The same goes with good lessons and good people. These are the good friends in life, mentors, elders, teachers, and even the good stranger. These good people can also be found in love and relationships.


In 2014, I met Teddy. Immediately I got this feeling that he was going to be in my life for a long time, and for a reason. We stayed in contact over the years and got to know each other a little at a time. In 2016, life was at the right place to be together, so we started to date. And we fell hard and fast. This person who came into my life, once as a random teenage boy, is now the love of my life. I have met the most patient, caring, hardworking, old-souled man. He is meant to be in my life. Every single day he teaches me more about life and about myself than I would’ve ever been able to on my own.

Here are the life lessons I have so far learned since Teddy came into my life.


1. Don’t be selfish

This is self explanatory. Do not be selfish in life, in friendships, in relationships, at work, anywhere. Think about people and put them first. Do not ask too much from others instead, do more for others.


2. Look at the other person’s perspective

I am bad at overreacting. I’m also bad at speaking before thinking and not realizing the other person’s side. I am still learning, but my relationship with Teddy has taught me to focus on the other person, to step into their shoes. The way I see something might not be the same for him.  This is important to help with my relationship with Teddy and also with other friendships and family.


3. Realize a relationship is 2 people

This goes along with #2. When Teddy and I discussed this, this is how we explained it: A relationship is two people and these two people are working together as one. There can be different ideas, beliefs, minds, outlooks, etc but you have to remember that they are their own person and are not identical to you. My relationship has taught me to try to remember this whenever I get upset with him for not wanting what I want or seeing things the way I see them.


4. Appreciate everything

I have a post titled “Its the Little Things” on my blog. This point goes hand in hand with that post. The things that your significant other, and other people in your life do for you are not required. They don’t have to do anything for you. They do it because they care. It is important to let the person know that that you appreciate everything they do for you. If they think you have become custom to just expecting things or if they think you don’t appreciate things, then they will stop.

5. Don’t spend money recklessly or on useless things

Its funny that this is on this list. I am HORRIBLE at wasting money on things I do not need. Teddy on the other hand, is very good at saving money. He has taught me that it is important to not spend recklessly or on things I don’t need. I have definitely gotten better at this since I started dating Teddy but I still have some work to do. First step to recovery is admitting you have a problem!!


6. Don’t hold someone back

If someone in your life is doing something or going somewhere in their life that benefits them, let them do it. Even if you don’t exactly like it. If it is something they want and if it benefits them, let them chase their dreams.


7. Always have faith no matter what

My dad and Teddy have both taught me this over the years. Having faith in something is so important. Faith will help you over the bumps in the road and it will help you believe stronger in something. Teddy and I are in a long distance relationship and will be until I graduate college in 2020. We have to have faith in our relationship, that it will last; in ourselves, that we will stay loyal; and in each other, that we will always love each other.


8. Hard and good work ethic is key

Teddy is SUCH a hard worker. It inspires me to be a harder worker myself. He has taught me that it is important to work hard in life, in work, in school, and especially our relationship. Hard work makes things work.


9. Verbal Reassurance is not needed 100% of the time

My love language is words of affirmation. So for me to say this, its a big deal. I am still learning and still working on this, but I have to remind myself that I do not need verbal reassurance all the time. Just because they don’t tell you that they love you, they miss you, or that you’re beautiful all the time, doesn’t mean that they don’t think it or mean it. You shouldn’t need constant reassurance in a relationship. You should have trust that they do love you, that they do miss you and that they think you’re beautiful. Easier said that done, I know…


Take these life lessons that I have learned and apply them to your life! Let me know what life lessons your significant other has taught you! 

Save for later!

Teddy, I know you’re reading this because every time I publish a blog I text you “Read my new post :)” I love you and I appreciate everything you do for me and have taught me! Xo










16 thoughts on “Life Lessons My Relationship Has Taught Me

  1. These are some really valuable life lessons. Thanks for sharing! Relationships definitely teach us beautiful things about ourselves and others. Cheers!

  2. I love that you included not wasting money on this list. Couples HAVE to be open and honest about their finances and what they’re spending with each other (at least imo). So many relationships end due to stress started with financial situations. Good for you two, keeping each other in check. 😉

    1. I definitely agree with that! It can make it difficult if their isn’t communication about money and other things in life!

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