DIY: Easy Wall Hanging

I have seen wall hanging decor pieces all over Pinterest, stores, and Etsy! I wanted to purchase one for my new apartment for the upcoming year in college, but some of them are SO expensive! Being a college student who doesn’t have a ton of money, I decided to make my own! And it was SO EASY! Continue reading this blog post so you can figure out how to make your own.

The wall hanging that I decided to make today is probably the simplest of them all. A good friend of mine did the project with me so we split the cost of the yarn together. The total cost for my half was only about $15! That is a STEAL considering some in stores or online run anywhere from $30 (Target) all the way to crazy prices of over $150! The one that I made has cream, light gray, rust, and a dusty pink.

All of the supplies that you will need can be purchased at your local craft store! I got mine at Hobby Lobby. Walmart sells everything too!


Heres what you’ll need….

  • A wooden dowel – thickness and length is up to you! Mine was a little thicker than 5/8″
  • Yarn in your choice of colors – I used 4 colors in mine
  • Scissors
  • A yard stick or ruler
  • A flat surface to work on

Now lets teach you how to make one!

1. Take your wooden dowel and your first color of yarn. Measure out a piece of yarn the length you want your wall hang to be, and then double it. Cut your piece and make a ton of these. Depending on where you start your wall hang (middle and work outwards, or outsides working inward) will help you also determine your length. I wanted mine to be in a V shape at the bottom so the side pieces were shorter than the middle!

2. Come up with a vision of how you want your wall hanging to look. I got inspiration from Pinterest! Here are a few pictures that I based mine around. (These are not my pictures)

3. Now it’s time to tie the knots. This is probably one of the easiest knots you could tie. It is called a Girth Hitch or Cow Hitch.

-Take your string and put the two ends together.
-At the end of the string there will be a loop. Take the loop and put it over your wooden dowel like in the first picture below.
-Tuck the loop under the dowel (see second picture).
-Take the two strings and put them inside of the loop.
-Pull the string tight and it will create your knot!
-Make sure there is no gap in between the strings once they are on the dowel. This is easy to fix, just push them together!

4. When continuing step 3, make sure that all of the knots are facing the same direction. I had my knots face the front but it is up to you!

5. Continue to complete steps 1, 3, and 4 for all of your strings and change up the colors when you want to.

6. Make sure that everything is even.
I started from the outside and worked inward. First, I measured 1″ from the end of the dowel on each side and thats where I started my first two strands. Each time that I would add strings onto the left, I made sure I had the same number on the right. This can be the same for if you work from the inside out. After I finished my two sections of the cream colored yarn on the outsides, I did the pink middle section. I measured the middle of the dowel and put my first pink strand there. After I had the thickness of the middle section complete, I measured the gap between the left and right sides in between the white and pink strands to make sure they were also even.

7. To make a thicker section like I did with the gray yarn, instead of doing one single piece of yarn to make the knot on the dowel, I added multiple strands into one knot. So complete step #3 but with multiple strands together. This makes the knot appear bigger.

8. If you want to add a braid similar to mine and in the Pinterest pictures here is how:-Decide the color of yarn you want to use for your braid

-Measure out 3x the length of what you actually want (This way, when you braid it, it won’t be too short)
-I took 10 single strands and folded it end-to-end to get the loop at the bottom and made a regular large girth hitch knot
-Once the knot was tied, there were 20 strands hanging down. I selected 3 sets of 3 strands each to make the braid. I did NOT use the entire section. Using the entire section would result into gaps in between the regular strands and the braids.
-Braid your selection of strands (I had a total of 9) until you get to the bottom and then tie a regular knot.
-Trim the bottom left over strands on the braid to make it even with the rest of the wall hanging. (I ended up trimming them too short)
-Repeat this step on the other side!

9. Play around with the colors and finish your knots!

10. Once your knots are completed it is time to trim up the bottom part. Most likely you are not perfect and the strands are not perfectly even (sorry, but its true!). Put your wall hang on a flat surface or hang it on the wall. I took down a picture and sat my dowel on the nail to hold it in place, I found this much easier than on the table. Take a flat edge, like a yard stick or even your scissors to make sure that it is a straight line and the same angle on both sides (if you are doing a V shape like me!). And then cut! (Its scary because there is no turning back!!)

11. Next its time to get it ready to hang. There are two options here. You can either be finished and hang it so it is just the dowel and your yarn like in the pictures above. I just rested it on the nail in the wall and made it straight. OR you can follow the steps below and hang it up a different way.

-Take twine or one of the colors of your yarn and tie a basic knot around one of the ends of your dowel.
-Put the knot in the back so you do not see this one.
-Wrap the string around the dowel a couple times (I did 5 total) and then measure it up to how high you want it to be above the wall hanging.
-Make sure the knot goes behind the dowel.
-Make sure you do it in a triangle shape because that is how it will lay on the nail in the wall. Hold that with your finger or put something on it so it doesn’t move.
-Bring the string to the other end of the dowel and wrap it the same amount as you did on the previous side.
-Make sure it is going behind the dowel like on the other side as well.
-Cut the string, tie a knot, and place the knot behind the dowel.
-Repeat these steps again but with the string in front of the dowel now. When wrapping, wrap on top of the previously wrapped ones.

12. Take the two strings you made to hold it up on the wall, put it on the nail, and you’re done! 

I hope you enjoyed!!! Please let me know if you recreate this look! I would love to see your projects! Either email it to me here or DM or Tag me on my Instagram

Also, please let me know if you liked my first DIY and if I should do more! I love your feedback!! ♥


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