DIY: Easy Wall Hanging

I have seen wall hanging decor pieces all over Pinterest, stores, and Etsy! I wanted to purchase one for my new apartment for the upcoming year in college, but some of them are SO expensive! Being a college student who doesn’t have a ton of money, I decided to make my own! And it was SO EASY! Continue reading this blog post so you can figure out how to make your own.

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Advice Incoming Freshman Need to Hear

Starting college can be a scary thing for some people. It’ll be the first time you are really on your own, to do whatever it is that you want. You make the rules, the big decisions, and the choices. After finishing my freshman year about a month ago, I thought of some useful advice that would have helped me going into my freshman year. Hopefully these will help you too! Continue reading “Advice Incoming Freshman Need to Hear”