7 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs A Dog

Dogs are placed in our lives to show us affection and teach us furry life lessons. A dog can make the biggest positive difference on your life. Every girl, whether you are young, growing up, or grown, needs a dog to give them a best friend and show them love & lessons. They say a dog year is 7 real time years, so here’s my story & 7 reasons why every girl needs a dog!

On my fifth birthday, I got the best present that every little girl always asks for. A puppy! The golden retriever that I picked was the menace of the group; he was digging holes, running all around and biting the other puppies. My mom and dad weren’t too pleased with that, but I wanted HIM. Charlie! I am so glad that he is the dog I picked out that day. He gave me 14 years of memories, laughter, and happiness.

Being basically an only child, Charlie was pretty much my sibling. Looking back at all of my family memories growing up, my dog was there. Through every life experience that I have gone through so far, whether it was happy, scary, or sad, I always had my dog to come home to.

Charlie passed away this past Saturday, May 6th. It was easily the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through, but he was licking the tears off my face until the very last moment. The morning before the vet appointment, I prayed to God begging to keep me strong. When we went into the vet office, I lost it. I cried so hard because it finally hit me, that dogs don’t live forever, and neither will my best friend. I got mad at God because I felt so weak and powerless. When the vet came and brought the medicine to put Charlie to sleep, I suddenly felt at ease. I stopped crying and I was strong for him.

It has been seven days since Charlie has not been here to lick my tears, make me laugh, or greet me at the door. Its weird not having him here. But in these past seven days, I have realized how important it has been in my life to have my dog there. He has taught me so many things, brought so much joy to my life, and has made my heart grow so much bigger.

The love and bond a person and a dog can share, especially a girl with her best friend, who happens to be a 4 pawed furry dog, is indescribable. Once I lost my best friend, I decided to think of reasons why every girl (and guy!) needs to have a dog.

1. Dogs show you unconditional love

No matter what you do, what you say, what you look like, how much money you make, how skinny you are, dogs are ALWAYS going to show you love. They are the only thing on this planet, that truly loves you more than they love themselves. And that is important, because people suck sometimes. They are mean, judgmental, or can break your heart.  As a girl who has been growing up and is becoming a woman, unconditional and judgement-free love is all I needed to look past my insecurities, unhappiness, or anything else. Whenever you get lonely, your dog is always there to keep you company too. Their unconditional love is why it hurts so much when they leave.

2. Dogs teach you how to love and to be patient.

They teach you to love when it’s easy and they are here. When they leave, they teach you to love even when it hurts more than anything. Going along with the point above this, because dogs show YOU unconditional love, it makes you want to show THEM unconditional love. Dogs can be terrible sometimes. Charlie used to dig up my mom’s tree in the backyard, he has had accidents in the house on brand new carpets, and he tore up all of his squeaker toys. BUT, no matter how loud we would yell, he would still want to give us slobbery kisses, wag his tail, and show us love. It’ll make you smile. Their antics teach you to love them, and love others. It expands our hearts for other dogs (at least it did for me, I’m obsessed with all shapes, sizes, and ages of dogs) and teaches us empathy.

Dogs also teach you to be patient. When they are a puppy, you have to wait for them to be potty trained and to listen to your commands. When they get older and start to slow down, you have to be patient with them. They can’t run as far, get up as quick, or do all of the same tricks. Sometimes they have accidents in the house, or get bad anxiety when you aren’t there. You just have to be patient and loving to them because none of it is there fault.

3. When they are gone, they teach you to be positive in bad times, and to be strong.

Unfortunately, no matter how many years we have with our dogs, its never long enough. Charlie was 14, my family and I are so blessed to have had that long with him, but it wasn’t enough. Instead of remembering the sad day of saying goodbye to your dog, the dogs give you the strength to remember the good times and the memories. Of course it is devastating to not have them around anymore, but looking at the positives will make you smile and help you keep it together when you miss them.

4. Dogs reduce your stress & make you feel better

When you’re stressed, all you need to do is lay with your dog or pet them. If you need to rant, they will always listen. They are always going to be your biggest supporter. When I was in high school, I got my heart broken a few times and all it took was Charlie licking my tears off my cheeks to make it feel somewhat better. It always made me smile, and sometimes thats all I needed. If I came home for the weekend when I went to college, just looking at him wagging his tail relieved all of my stress that I had left behind in Clemson. Dogs aren’t used for emotional-support animals for no reason!!

5. They’re good for your health

Dogs make you more active! They have a ton of energy that needs to be either let out in your living room destroying toys and your pillows or let out at the beach or on a walk. They can keep you in shape through walks or runs. Dogs also give you motivation to go places outdoors. When I was still home in high school and after I got my first car, I would take Charlie everywhere. We went to the beach, to creeks, and on plenty of walks in pretty places other than just my street. If I wanted to go watch the sunset somewhere but I didn’t want to be around anyone, I would take my dog. We’d go everywhere together. He got me outside more and got me to see more sunsets.

6. Dogs teach you responsibility

Dogs become your children basically. They have very similar responsibilities as a baby (human!). You have to take care of them, take them out, feed them and protect them. It takes time and effort but it teaches you how to be responsible to not only take care of yourself, but another life.

7. There is NEVER a dull moment. 

If you get bored, your dog gives you things to do. You can take them for a walk or drive, brush them, or play with them! Dogs will make you laugh and smile. They have big unique personalities and they show it every day in different ways. Charlie used to sprint across our back yard and go absolutely nuts, we called him “Wild Man.” He would also knock all of the pillows off the bed or couch and try and hide behind curtains. No matter what your dog is doing, you’re bound to smile at them. There is never a dull moment with them and they make you happier

After looking back on the past 14 years and all of the memories I have made with Charlie, I have realized how important it was for me to have him in my life. I personally think that everyone needs a dog, there are so many benefits and positives. You get a companion and a best friend when you get a dog.

Rest in sweet peace Charlie boy. You were the best dog I ever could have asked for and I miss you more than anything buddy.

Do you have a dog? Tell me one thing you love about dogs in the comments!

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9 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs A Dog

  1. This is such a beautiful post! What a wonderful dog. We just got a new one, and he never fails to bright up my day! Dogs are truly a necessity in life.
    Also, I am so happy I came across your blog. I can’t wait to read more of your posts!

    Much love,
    Ashley | dearash.com

    1. Thank you Ashley!! I’m getting my own dog next year and I can’t wait! I checked out your blog and I love yours as well!!! Xo

  2. Yup, the tears rolled down my cheeks as I read this, Sierra, but it also brought smiles as only a dog lover can relate. We been blessed with many dogs in our family and with each ones passing, I swear there will be no more, it hurts too much to loose them! Then the emptiness sets in, for we know our house is not a home without a dog & into it comes another! Wouldn’t have it any other way. The joy, love, laughter, the companionship & yes, unconditional love is too much to live without. 🙂

  3. Great post, almost brought me to tears. I had a dog too who I terribly miss, but the good memories keep her with me 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your experience.

  4. My best friend was 12 when she left us in 2011. A big, black lab that had such a huge heart and an even bigger personality! We adopted her when I was 6 so some of my best memories were growing up with her. Dogs just understand us. If I was sad, she knew and would always come into my room and lay with me. She slept at the end of my bed until she was too old to jump up there (and then I’d lay on the ground with her some nights lol). And she was always up to do anything with me or my sister. It’s hard to lose a family member and I still think about her often! But I’d never trade the memories I have with her for anything and I think everyone needs a dog when growing up. Great post! I teared up a little thinking of mine. I still think I hear her collar jingling in the backyard sometimes 😉

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment Elaine! I feel like sometimes I still hear Charlie’s footsteps coming around the corner. And I did the same thing with mine once he couldn’t get on the bed anymore. I remember my senior year every night I would lay with him for about an hour or two. It’s so hard to not have them around anymore but the memories will always be there!

  5. Although it breaks my ❤️?, thank you for reminding me of some of the sweet memories. One thing you forgot to mention was that he would not eat if we left him for a few days with dad. Dad got creative and poured a bit of beer in his bowl and he ate like a horse ?

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