30 Days of Happiness

Each day of this past month, I decided to record simple things that made me happy. It is important to remember that there are positives in every day and to never take them for granted.

April is a very busy month for college students. It is a month full of different emotions and stress. We have papers, exams, and finals. We have to haul all of our crap home when we move out and say goodbye to your college friends for the summer. Its stressful.

I decided to recognize every small and little thing that brought a smile to my face in the month of April. I think it is important to look at the brighter side of things and it is good to look back at what has made you smile this past month!

April 2017

Day 1– Mom sent me a picture of Charlie (my 14 year old dog)

Day 2– Went hiking to Talulah Gorge State Park in Georgia with Teddy & close friends, it was beautiful

Day 3– The heavy rain made for a relaxing evening in bed

Day 4– Went shopping and bought a really cute top

Day 5– Rain calmed me down

Day 6– Got my 3rd ear lobe piercing

Day 7– The weather was perfect and the spring game was fun

Day 8– Aquarium and Coke factory in Atlanta!!! Great memories

Day 9– I got a B on my calc test!!

Day 10– Had a good lunch

Day 11
– Completely packed and organized my room, I felt productive

Day 12– A purse I ordered online came in today and I LOVE IT! Also, my mom came to town today!

Day 13-Mom made us a homemade dinner

Day 14-Teddy told me I’m his favorite star in the sky

Day 15-Went shooting sporting clays with Teddy’s family, I had so much fun!! I shot 36 out of 56 clays!! & Teddy picked me wildflowers and surprised me with them when I got back to the house

Day 16-Teddy looked very handsome in his Easter colors (check out my Easter post!) – & Teddy and I laughed a lot that evening

Day 17-I officially started Sierra Says blog!!!! & Dinner for Emily’s birthday! & Corbyn & I had a good conversation

Day 18-Teddy pushed me off the bed, made me mad but made me laugh- in turn i pushed him off the bed

Day 19
– I brain stormed a lot of blog post ideas today!! Felt very productive

Day 20
-Came home to Charleston and got to see Tim McGraw with my mom! We had so much fun!!

Day 21-Had some alone time with my dad! We went to the creek and talked a lot

Day 22– I had a great day with my dad showing him around Clemson, I love spending time with him, I don’t realize how much I miss him sometimes. I also reached 1000+ views on my blog tonight!!

Day 23
– Teddy and I had a perfect lazy day in bed

Day 24
– Did not have to go to calculus today!! Woohoo

Day 25-Offically moved out of my apartment, FINALLY

Day 26– I made a really good lunch, beef quesadilla with chips & queso, good food makes me happy. I also reached 2000+ views on my blog tonight!

Day 27
-Stayed in bed all day it was nice

Day 28
– I finished my logic exam and never have to take logic AGAIN

Day 29
-Teddy and I went to Long Horn for a date night!

Day 30– Teddy and I had the BEST lunch downtown Greenville! I love going places with him


I hope you enjoyed my month of things that made me happy! You should try and do this! Make it a challenge!! Let me know if you end up making a list of things that made you happy in the month!! Xo

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  1. I like the idea of this post! And your dog is gorgeous! We can find happiness back in small things and you made that clear with your post. Thank you!

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