How to Make Your Long Distance Friendship Great

When you think of the two words “long distance” you typically think of a relationship, but no one ever thinks of a friendship.

As you grow older, life can get in the way and you and your friends will most likely go on separate paths. My best friend goes to Auburn University, meanwhile I’m at Clemson University. 231.6 miles away, a lot of awful Atlanta traffic, and the price of gas in between. It can be hard to keep each other up to date on the important aspects of your life and maintaining a strong friendship when the only option of communication almost always is on a phone. How you know you have a true friend is when they stick around no matter how many miles are in between the both of you.

Well, me and my best friend sat down (on the phone) and came up with a list of ideas on how we keep maintain our friendship so here is how to keep your long distance friendship great!

  1. Always call when you need to vent or cry

    When you are upset and just need someone to talk to, sometimes the people around you just won’t cut it, so you call your best friend. I call mine a few times a week to either vent about school, drama, or anything else in between. She listens to me yell about something stupid, and I do the same for her. It’s important in a friendship to still do the things you would do as if you were only 5 minutes away.

  2. Spontaneous road trips & pulling them off

    Ok this is a BIG one. You have to be able to see each other face to face sometimes! When you both have a very busy life full of combinations of college, work, and lack of gas money, almost all of the times I have seen Shelby has been because of a spontaneous plan. Sometimes all it takes is a “I feel like getting out of town” text and then bam, you see your best friend in a few days. And sometimes you have to drive more than you’d like to. I drove to Atlanta, back to Clemson, to Charleston, back to Atlanta, and back to Clemson, all within the span of about 4 days, just to see my best friend. For New Years Eve, Shelby drove from Auburn to Darlington, SC for one night, its a six hour drive one way. Spontaneous trips make for the best memories!

  3.  Coordinate plans for the summer

    If you’re lucky, and you’re in college but you’re from the same town, you have summers to look forward to! Make sure to make memories together, plan trips, plan lazy days! Have pictures to look back on when you go back to being a long distance friendship

  4. Keeping each other constantly updated on your life through texting/calling

    This one could possibly be one of the most important ones. Now you don’t need to be texting all day, but sometimes if you go without telling your best friend important things that happen in your life, thats when you can start to fade away from each other. It is SO important to keep each other up to date on things that could seem very random, but could be important to you! Communication is KEY, so tell your best friend about the date you went on, about your awful professors, about your road rage, a new song you found, literally whatever you want to.

  5. Share pictures!

    Text pictures of outfit choices for class or for a date, of the hike you went on that day, of your A you made on your test you crammed for. Constantly send pictures!! This also includes making sure your snapchat streak is kept like your life depended on it… 21st century I know, but its true! (We lost a 200+ day streak once, now we are 190 #goals) Snapchat is a great way to contact your friend because it is quick and easy and you get to see what each other are doing throughout their day, and makes you feel like you’re right there too!

  6. Sliding into each others DM’s……. with memesThis again is very 21st century, so if you’re older reading these points, you might not participate in this or might not know what memes or DM’s are, but if you do, Shelby & I communicate through memes (ok they’re online jokes of pictures or videos that can be related to real life). Some days this is the only form of communication we have and that’s okay! We know that if we were sitting next to each other we’d still be laughing over the same exact thing
  7. Maintaining the usual gossip & trash talk

    It sounds awful… but everyone does it with their closest friends. So keep trash talking and gossiping with each other, it works out too because since they have no idea who it is you’re talking about you never have to worry about that person finding out

  8. You need to put in effort!

    With all of these points, it all takes effort. With anything in life, you have to try and put in personal effort to make things work, and it has to be equal!

Now, you will lose some friends because of distance, it has happened to me before because I have moved around a lot growing up, so I would intend to stay in touch with friends but sometimes it just causes the friendship to fade away and you begin to not have anything to talk about anymore. But if its a true friend, and you can recognize they’re a true friend, I hope that these tips help you and your best friend keep your friendship great!

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7 thoughts on “How to Make Your Long Distance Friendship Great

  1. Ugh this is literally me and my best friend! I’m at school in Texas and she’s in Arkansas. I’m so grateful for social media for making it never feel like she’s that far away. Between snapchat, insta DMs, and facetime it’s so easy to stay connected 🙂 (Definitely still counting down the days until summer when I get to see her for real though…)

  2. I love this post! I had two closest friends. One was from nursery and other one was was from school. Now 20 years later I don’t talk with them for we changed our attitude to life and our paths won’t ever meet. So sorry about that but now my closest friends are my husband and kids. And I’m thankful to God for them 🙂

    1. Aw, I’m sorry to hear about your two close friends! But it is always good to have at least someone!! More times than not, I have my boyfriend and without him I would be very lost!

  3. I love this so much!!! My best friend and I have been friends since 3rd grade. She is off in college for Veternarian school and I moved out of state and got married. I’ll be honest it’s been so hard maintaining a friendship, but when you are reunited it’s like you were never apart! I love this list, I can definitely work on a few!

    1. Thank you for your comment Amy!!! Im glad my list might help y’all!! Thats incredible that y’all’s paths are so different but still are friends!!! Xo

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