10 Quick Self Care Tips to Relieve Stress

Life is stressful, there is no doubt about that. And then there is college, where we have to worry about scholarships, exams, & deadlines. There is stress pretty much everywhere, which can be thrown at you in all different directions giving you the perfect opportunity for you to stop taking care of yourself.


Here are some of my tips that help me calm down whenever I start to stress out:

  1. Take breaks when you need them 

    This can relate to anyone; we get stressed out when a work, school, or just plain life deadline comes up. I know some people work for hours on end on their upcoming assignment or while studying for an exam. They get headaches, stressed, mad, or even start to cry. Whenever I am at the library on campus, I’ve witnessed each one of those. It is OK to take a break. Whether it be for 5 minutes, one Netflix episode, or for the rest of the evening. You have to give yourself permission to chill out sometimes and relax and find some mental clarity. I even read it somewhere once that your brain works better when taking breaks, you remember the information better and giving your brain time to rest, can result into creating better work. So take the break, it is not only better for your work but it is better for your mental health!

  2. Drink water

    This sounds very repetitive to probably everything you’ve seen or read or heard from your mom. But DRINK WATER! I promise it helps. It refreshes you and also is good for you.

  3. Get some fresh air

    Whenever I am stressed, I go outside. Whether it be just opening the front door and sitting on the porch for a few minutes, going for a quick walk, or getting in the car and going for a drive, it calms me down and relieves some stress. Fresh air does wonders. Two things that almost always relieve my own personal stress (when timing permits) are driving down backroads and going to sit by the lake and watch the sun go down. Sunsets are God’s gift to us to watch, take advantage of them. Give these a try, I promise they help.

  4. Take a bubble bath, or a hot shower

    This is self explanatory, but it definitely relieves stress. Drop in a LUSH bath bomb or bubble bar (the links are my favorites!) into your warm bath, or put in some epsom salt with some drops of lavender essential oil and you’ll be good in no time. If you don’t have time for a relaxing bath, taking a hot shower can help clear your head too!

  5. Make sure you wash your face

    In the morning, right when you wake up, wash your face and it will refresh you, get you ready for the day, and also clean your skin. Throughout the day if you are stressed it can produce oils on your face and cause you to break out, so washing your face can help prevent that. Make sure you wash your face at night as well, to wash off all of your stress away!

  6. Treat yourself with your guilty pleasure!

    Whatever your guilty pleasure may be, it is OK to indulge in it! If you want a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, then eat your pint! (Half-baked for me, all the way) If online shopping is your guilty pleasure, then treat yourself!

  7. Make sure you are eating right

    Everyone is different when it comes to eating when they are stressed. Some over eat while some don’t eat at all. To the ones that over eat, I recommend to watch how often you participate in #6 if your guilty pleasure is food. And also, try avoiding being near food when you are stressed so you can’t find yourself mindlessly eating that bag of chips. And for the ones that don’t eat when you get stressed, make sure you eat! Eating not only is healthy and keeps you alive (duh) but it gives energy to your brain so if you need to accomplish something, your brain needs to have some fuel! If you struggle with maintaining the right eating habits, try setting alarms to remind yourself to eat!

  8. Listen to music

    Listening to music can always fix my mood and calm me down when I am stressed. If I have an assignment due or an exam to study for and I can’t seem to focus, I have a calming playlist on my Spotify that helps me focus on my work. Sometimes if I am really unable to focus, I’ll put on instrumentals of soft music, like piano and guitar. If I am stressed and getting worked up because of it and into a bad mood, I have upbeat playlists that make me dance or sing, and it almost always helps. Whatever genre you listen to, find what works best for you.

  9. Make a To-Do list

    I don’t know about you but I am LOST without my planner or the to-do list on my phone. Writing out (or typing) a to-do list and visually seeing what you need to accomplish that day or week, makes the world of a difference. I am able to plan the order I need to do things in, see what I need to do, and it also helps me stay in track and not forget anything. This can help with stress

  10. Sleep it off

    If all else fails, tomorrow is a new day. Sleep can do wonders for the mental and physical body. It can give you some time to forget about whatever it is that is stressing you out.

These are the ways that I relieve my stress! I hope these help you take care of yourself and relieve some of your stress.

12 thoughts on “10 Quick Self Care Tips to Relieve Stress

  1. Life is really stress, I agree with you…..there’s just something to worry about. When you think you have overcome a problem, another surfaces. These are good care tips to relieve stress; I love the guilty pleasure and listening to music…..they work!Thanks, beautiful. I love your blog <3

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