I’m the Girl Without a “Friend-Group”

I’m the girl without a “friend group” and that’s okay.

The quality of friends you do have is much more important than the quantity.

Scrolling on Instagram, I see girls post pictures of themselves with 4 or 5 other girls in the picture with them. Noticing (or in other words, stalking… we all do it) someone else’s Instagram, girls have so many pictures with other girls, never repeating the same person more than once in a row. (these are apart of the non written Instagram rules that some girls will always strive to follow.)

Sitting in the cafe, I see the pack of girls walk together to get food and all sit together, constantly talking and laughing.

At a party, I see the group of girls all standing in a circle, gossiping, laughing, and seeming to be with their best friends.

I’ve never been that girl.

Ever since I was a little girl I had never been in a “friend group” or maintained a solid friend group.I’d fluctuate in and out of them. In middle and high school, I was always so jealous of these groups of girls. They all seemed so close, they would always post hundreds of pictures together. It would make me sad, I thought that the more friends you had the cooler you were. The more popular you were. The happier you were. When I only had two or three friends, I would compare and think I was a loser because I’d see girls with what felt like hundreds of friends.

I felt very alone… and always left out. I had friends, but all of them had their own friend group so I felt like I was just “that other girl” or “the one you call when your other friends can’t do anything” and it sucked.


I began to except it slowly, and don’t get me wrong, sometimes I still get sad or jealous at the girls with the friend group. But I have come to terms with it. Having a “friend group” does not make you popular, happier, or cooler. Not having a clique of friends doesn’t mean I don’t have friends, it just means they’re not all in one group. My best friend is in another state, I have some friends in far away and some close by. But I have great friends.



Now I’m not saying that it isn’t okay to be in a group of friends. But I am okay with not being in one. I would rather have quality friends, who treat me right, help me succeed, and who are there for me than a huge number of friends that could care less.The quality of friends you do have is much more important than the quantity. And as I have gotten older and into college, I have realized that.

I am okay with not being the girl who is in a “friend group”


10 thoughts on “I’m the Girl Without a “Friend-Group”

  1. I have been thinking about this a lot lately and you put it perfectly! I have never had a huge friend group but the friend I do have are the best. My best friend lives in a different state as well, but we talk all the time and it means the world to me!

  2. I can relate to this post 100%! I’ve never really had a friend group and I’m totally okay with it 🙂 I get along with so many different people and that’s what makes it awesome!


    1. Thats how I am too! When I was younger I had a lot of hobbies and did a lot of completely different things because I had so many different interests, so it resulted in having a lot of completely different friends!

  3. Omg that’s always been me too!!
    I mean I kinda did at times ( I guess )
    I always wished I did but I am fine with it too!
    You’re right, quality > quantity


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